Summary of "Web 2.0 Integration into the Graduate Classroom: An Appreciative Inquiry into Prospective School Administrator Strengths and Leadership Experience"

One Sentence Summary

Using Appreciative Inquiry (AI) theoretical perspective, this study investigates how blogs are used in an administrator preparation program to enhance the inherent leadership qualities of students.


Raymond L. Calabrese

Research Questions

This article investigates the following research questions:

  • How do prospective school administrators describe their experience of difference makers who served as exemplars in their lives?

  • How do prospective school administrators describe their strengths and successful leadership experiences where they overcame challenges?

As research grows using Web 2.0 applications and appreciative inquiry, I believe the future is brighter than it ever has been for school leadership.

Major Findings/Discussion Points

This study had four major findings.

Appreciative blogging confirms personal strengths and successful leadership experiences

Blogging provided a reflective space for students to explore their successful leadership practices. Through interacting with other students’ blogs, they helped each other to see the “extra-ordinariness” of their everyday experiences.

Appreciative blogging creates a healthy and supportive learning community\

Blogging fostered a support system between students as they commented on each others’ blog posts and affirmed their professional contributions and experiences. Blogging also revealed how students’ personal and professional lives were intertwined and helped them to express compassion and empathy for their peers.

Appreciative blogging confirms the students’ history of successful leadership experiences

The stories shared by students on their blogs demonstrated a long history of leadership experiences, through their ability to make an impact on other people’s lives and to overcome obstacles. Realizing that they already had many inherent leadership qualities helped students see their potential as school administrators.

Appreciative blogging increases social capital among students

Blogging helped students increase their level of mutual influence and helped them to develop a sense of trust and connection over their future of becoming school administrators. Students inspired one another through their stories of courage and overcoming challenges, both in their personal and professional lives. Sharing stories helped students to build a strong emotional connection.

Full Citation

Calabrese, R.L. (2012). Web 2.0 integration into the graduate classroom: An appreciative inquiry into prospective school administrator strengths and leadership experiences. International Journal of Educational Management, 26(2), 192-204.

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