Featured Program: MEd in Educational Policy Studies at The University of Alberta

If You’re Thinking of Applying to an Educational Administration & Leadership Program, This Major Could be For You!

Program Overview

If you’re interested in pursuing a graduate program in educational leadership, the University of Alberta’s MEd in Educational Policy Studies (educational administration and leadership specialization), could be just what you’re looking for. This program is ideal for students and current working professionals who want to prepare for administrative and leadership roles within schools and government, in Canada and around the world.

All students in the educational administration and leadership major are accepted into the course-based route and complete four core courses and a series of options, along with a capping exercise. Students may also apply for the thesis-based route, and complete the same four core courses, four option courses, and a thesis. All students also complete an ethics module.

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Students who choose to major in educational administration and leadership are required to take the following specialization core courses:

  • EDPS 511 Evolving Concepts in Educational Administration and Leadership

  • EDPS 512 Administrative and Leadership Process in Education

Both courses aim to teach foundational knowledge that helps situate students within this field of study, learn various theoretical approaches, and demonstrate their understanding through writing research papers, generally on an educational administration topic of the student’s choosing.

Students of all majors in this degree are also required to take the following department core courses:

  • EDPS 580 Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspective & Practice

  • EDPS 581 Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research

This program can be customized through a range of option courses. Students take almost any education course at the graduate level, which allow them to investigate specific interests on topics such as arts-based research, educational technology, and educational psychology, to name a few. Students can also enroll in a supervised independent study course and design the content and methods of evaluation in collaboration with their supervisor.

Is This Program For You?

This program is accommodating to part-time students, so it is ideal for students who may already be working within an educational or government field and who want to take on administrative or leadership positions within their organization. Part-time, this program can be completed in four years or two years full-time.

Specific vocational “how to be a leader” courses are not emphasized in this program, but the concept of leadership and developing skills needed to lead and think critically in today’s universities can be explored in any of the courses.

You can make this program what you want and choose to gain more research experience by completing a thesis or by participating in department workshops and research days.

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