Hi, I'm Christine.

Are you curious about starting an educational administration graduate program, but you’re not sure where to start? Or maybe you’re just starting grad studies with no idea how to write a literature review, much less conduct a major research project.

Whether you’re a total newbie or an experienced educator wanting ideas for improving administrator preparation programs, this blog is for you :)

Valentine, Christine

I already know you have the potential to be a great researcher. But maybe you want to…

  • Learn how to apply to an educational administration grad program.

  • Confidently begin and complete a major research project.

  • Discover creative project ideas and ways to improve administrator preparation programs.

  • Be inspired by the work of other researchers in the field of educational administration.

  • Get daily study tips & motivation.

No matter where you are in your journey of becoming a researcher, you can start making an impact in the field of educational administration & leadership today.

I know you’re driven to share your ideas with the world.

This blog was originally created for the very purpose of helping researchers create original research in the field of educational administration & leadership. Researchers just like you.

A blog might seem like a strange place to write about academia. But I think a blog’s capacity for reaching broader audiences is far greater than traditional publishing channels (as important as they are for growing the knowledge-based in this field). In the age of the digital public sphere, the Internet provides us with a publicly-accessible venue where we can share and discuss ideas openly. Ideas that have the potential of creating positive change in our universities.

Because frankly, if we’re going to talk about something in any real way, it needs to be part of our popular imagination

The idea of the public sphere...an idea which calls for a rationalization of power through the medium of public discussion.
— Jurgen Habermas, from The Public Sphere: An Encyclopedia Article (1964)

All of this to say, that I think a blog for educational administration + leadership research is exactly what this field needs. More of them, ideally. We need spaces where educational administration theory and practice can be discussed together and creative solutions can be explored. We need an open dialogue.

Are you ready to get started creating your own research? Let’s get started!

Tell me about your research projects at hello@valentineacademia.com