Hi, I'm Christine.

And if you’re interested in educational administration research, you’ve come to the right place ;)

Whether you’re a total newbie researcher or an experienced educator wanting ideas for improving administrator preparation programs, this blog is for you.

I already know you have the potential to be a great researcher. But maybe you want to…

  • Successfully apply to an educational administration grad program.

  • Confidently begin and complete a major research project.

  • Discover creative project ideas and ways to improve curriculum.

  • Be inspired by the work of other researchers in the field of educational administration.

  • Get daily study tips & motivation to write more.

And while you’re ready to take that next step, you’re just not sure how. Or perhaps you’re just not sure where to look to find specific information that’s helpful to you as an educational administration researcher.

I totally get it.

Just remember that no matter where you are in your journey of becoming a researcher, you can start making an impact in the field of educational administration & leadership today.


You may feel like you’re not ready. Maybe you don’t quite feel like an expert in this field and don’t think you have anything meaningful to contribute. Or maybe you’re holding back applying to graduate school because it’s just not the right time. But what if the right time is when you say it is? Right here, right now.

Bloom where you are planted.
— Unknown

This is the blog I wish had existed when I was in graduate school, and it was built with researchers in mind. Researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds and knowledge on the topic of educational administration research. Researchers just like you.

A blog might seem like a strange place to write about academia. But I think a blog’s capacity for reaching broader audiences is far greater than traditional publishing channels (as important as they are for growing the knowledge base in this field). I hope that you’ll find it helpful.

So, are you ready to get started?