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7 min read

Are you endlessly confused by the rules of conducting a university library search? If you’re working on an educational administration research paper but you’re not quite sure how to find the right books and articles on your topic, you’re not alone! Many researchers (myself included) feel like they are guessing when it comes to searching through a university library database. University libraries have hundreds of thousands of resources, so it can feel overwhelming when you set out to research a particular topic. The good news is that…

5 min read

You’ve been accepted to an educational administration graduate program - congratulations! Beginning graduate school can be both exciting and intimidating, but don’t worry - with these tips, you’ll learn useful organization strategies and how to get involved with your program and share your ideas. Because while graduate school is…

10 min read

Is your research article database currently a stack of articles on your dining room table? Well, no longer! Reference management tools are helpful for building a digital library that will save you time and energy (and space in your house) the next time you tackle a research project. In this guide, you’ll learn to create a free account on Mendeley…