Every Administrator Needs a Toolbox

When I first imagined this blog, I knew that I wanted to create something that educational administrators would find useful. One way that I thought I could do that is by creating a Toolbox section where I could post tutorials and interesting technology updates that might be beneficial for the research and/or practice of educational administration + leadership. I created these articles in part because I wish more ideas like this existed on the Internet. These are technologies, frameworks, and advice that I think are worth sharing and implementing in our own research & practice.

the administrator's toolbox.png

Why should administrators live tweet at academic conferences? How can Bloom's New Digital Taxonomy be used in administrator preparation programs? Can we use Instagram to tell the stories of our universities? My goal in this space is to explore non-traditional uses of technologies to be used for administrative and school leadership purposes. I also want to offer how-to tutorials on crafting an administrative portfolio, starting a blog to discuss administrative issues, and recommend the best new products that I have found that make doing administrative work a whole lot easier (not to mention a lot more fun!). I'm looking forward to writing future toolbox articles, and hope that you find them useful. 

Let me know in the form below if there's something you want to see here and I'll happily give you credit if I end up writing an article about it!

C. Valentine

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