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Actionable Research & How It Can Improve the Study and Practice of Educational Administration + Leadership

Many of the foundational articles and books I read on this subject more or less pointed to one major issue, which is that the field of educational administration and leadership is over-saturated with theoretical debate and intellectual critique. Meanwhile, there are so few concrete examples of how these theories might be applied to administrative practice...

Featured Admin Program: Educational Administration & Leadership MEd Program at University of Alberta

The educational administration and leadership major is one of four distinct majors within the University of Alberta's Educational Policy Studies master's program. This program is well-suited for prospective students and working professionals looking to prepare for administrative or other leadership roles within schools and...

The Elements of An Engaging and Informative Educational Administration Book Review

There are a lot of books out there for anyone wanting to learn more about the field of educational administration and leadership. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot. Which is great, but having too many resources can sometimes make it difficult to figure out which of the many, many books are 1) most relevant to your interests, 2) most current and up-to-date references...

One great privilege of university-level administration is that you are perched at the ideal viewpoint to perceive the truly expansive scope of impacts that universities and faculty, staff and students have upon the community and the world.
— Maureen Mancuso from University Affairs