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actionable research & how it can improve the study and practice of educational administration + leadership

Early on in grad school, I had one important realization about my future as an educational administration researcher. Many of the foundational articles and books I read on this subject more or less pointed to one major issue, which is that the field of educational administration and leadership is over-saturated with theoretical debate and intellectual critique. Meanwhile, there are so few concrete examples of how these theories might be applied to administrative practice...[Click to read full article]

How to Start Your Own mini administration library in 3 simple steps

The space you claim for your mini administration library can be small - and I mean small! When I first started the Adminibrary, I had my own small bookshelf in my office, but when my office moved to a new building and I began to work in an open workstation, I used a small shelf for my mini library instead. Yet, as small as it is (about 1 cubic foot of space), it comfortably fits about 20 decent-sized admin + leadership books. Depending on the size of books you have, you might fit a few more or a few less, but this doesn't have to a huge space...[Click to read full article]

sharing academic knowledge through everyday administrative discourse + how you can get started today!

Every month, when the newest issue of University Affairs magazine is delivered to my office, I excitedly tear off the plastic and immediately flip to the back to read the column From the Administrator's Chair*. I love this column because it's written by administrators, for administrators, about issues that administrators working in today's universities should be concerned about. And sometimes the author writes something that really hits home and reminds me why I got into university administration in the first place...[Click to read full article]