Why A Blog About Educational Administration?

One of the questions I always seem to be asked when I tell people what I blog about is: why did you choose to write a blog about educational (specifically, university) administration? It's a fair question. With the endless number of topics available to blog about (music, writing, design, lifestyle, etc.), I felt that it was important to address a significant gap that exists when it comes to any kind of administrative discourse online. Of course, I also really enjoy writing about this topic and took the opportunity to create a blog that's more intentional about discussing issues related to working in, studying, and researching educational administration + leadership.

I've had a longtime interest in blogging and reading blogs. Within the last couple years, I've become interested in how academics use blogs as an alternative form of disseminating their work & ideas, and as reflective tools to improve praxis. Though there are few examples of administrative-specific blogs, I managed to find some studies that demonstrate that the use of blogs and Web 2.0 technologies generally, is beneficial in administrator preparation programs and in administrative practice, as a way of receiving valuable feedback and connecting with like-minded peers.

The idea of starting my own administrative blog came to me when I realized that having an administrative presence on the Internet was important. It is important to me to be able to create a dialogue about contemporary administrative issues, discuss important admin books + articles, and share projects & research with an online community. The Internet allows us to communicate with people we would likely never meet, and to write for a specific audience. If you're still reading this, then chances are, you're exactly the kind of person that I hoped would read this blog. Thank you for being here.

So why a blog about university administration? Because this is the blog I had always wanted to find on the Internet and read. I'm sure there are other administrative blogs out there in the blogosphere, and I can only hope that mine finds its place among them, so that we, as a community of administrators, can discuss issues related to the administration of universities. As I've previously written, Valentine Academia was really my first academic project, but it is also a way for me to communicate any subsequent projects that I work on or creative ideas that I have. Some might work, some may not. But I feel strongly that creative ideas are what is going to move the field of educational administration & leadership forward, and we need to find practical ways to putting these ideas into practice.

C. Valentine